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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Free Writing...

I just feel like writing...
What about?
-Nothing specific.
I just feel like writing.

I currently have a bunch of thought trains running through my head. Nothing bad or drastic. Just a bunch of trains carrying different thoughts on different paths and some criss crossing and some running into other thoughts. So yeah... this writing is for me... to put my thoughts however mungled up... into words.

Is "mungled" a word yet? If it isn't I just coined it. If it is, then I at least used a proper word.

-Ah, l'amour. It brings a lot of joy to my life.

-Family just got a dog that they rescued from a shelter. Poor pup has most likely been abused. He's a handsome fella though and really loves to be petted. His confidence is still lacking. But he will improve when he realizes he's in a good and loving environment.

-I'll be starting summer school this Monday. Something I honestly dread. I acknowledge school no longer provides any motivation for me. I'm simply paying thousands of dollars to suffer for 4 years. So I can receive a piece of paper with a shiny gold sticker on it that pretty much says, "Good job." I firmly believe the government would benefit more if they paid students to learn. It would be a fantastic motivator. Get better grades = get more money. The country actually has an educated people. And the work force improves. But of course, that would just put the world off kilter, because something might actually make sense.

-Well to change the topic... I currently have a fear that isn't really a fear. When I think about this "fear"... I find uneasiness but at the same time a vast amount of comfort. So I can't really call it fear because I'm not really afraid. It's just something I have to be courageous about.

-The apartment I moved into last year... and just recently moved out of is totally empty. It's pretty depressing to look into it and think for once I had a place of my own. I miss it. I can't wait til I either graduate and move... or simply can afford to move out on my own.

-I really wonder why wisdom teeth are called "wisdom teeth." They only have brought pain and turmoil upon my person. I highly doubt they've added any wisdom to my brain. They are currently trying to bring more pain to me. I wish I just had all four of them taken out rather than the bottom ones first. The top ones are really making a statement with their entrance. Wisdom teeth my butt. I ought to knock out the person who started calling them that... just like I knocked out the drunk lady in front of the liquor store who hit me with her purse. But that's another story... for another time...


Blogger IAMB said...

One of those questions you never really wanted an answer to, but I'll give you one anyway:

Wisdom teeth are called that because of the common association of age and wisdom. Since your wisdom teeth come in at a later age than the rest, the name was born.

Just in case you really wanted to know.

3:10:00 PM  

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