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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bye Bye Bloggy

May You Rest In Peace...

I will no longer post blogs here. I will however close delete everything on here sometime soon. When I get a chance too... other than that... I have started a wordpress. Though I won't be sharing the link to it here. I WILL comment on others blogs whom I do read and let them know where my new bloggy is.

So for now... enjoy your wake Randomness. I'll be burying you soon enough.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hard Hat Zone -Under Constructon...

Hard Hat Zone
Under Construction

Sooo ok... I was toying with the idea of letting this blog rest in peace. Then I toyed with the idea of moving said blog, trying WordPress which I know many blogs I currently read use.

Sooo.... ok... for now... I will remodel... because there are times in life where I honestly see change as a good thing. Like I know sometimes, I just get this urge to get a hair cut. Honestly, it's an URGE. Like really... I kid you not. And I will then randomly come home... and my dear hubs will find my hair chopped off.

Likewise... this blog needs to be redone. Considering when I tried my hand at HTML the last time, I made an error. I think I can honestly do better. PLUS... I like this picture. It kinda is a bit more... I dunno... ME.

Soooooooooooo.... I will give this another go. I personally like this background... I just don't like the fact that I can't get any comments anymore. Not like I had a bunch to begin with... but hey.. I liked that I had an option.

Anywhoo... bear with me... and we'll see what comes up as a result of this change.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Update of Randomness...

So, I have been remiss in my duties with my blog. Not like anyone reads it anymore. However I am thinking of maybe starting all over again... It's just... I've had this one for forever almost... well we'll see.

Beyond that... things are going well. I guess.

1. My son -Growing soooooo freakin fast. He's in the 90% for babies. Only 10% of babies his age are bigger than him and he's expected to be at least, and I say AT LEAST, 6 ft tall. That's what his doctor says at least. He's got teeth and is almost walking and I can barely even lift the kid without getting winded. But he's such a happy baby that my mother told me she'd smack the crap out of me if he grows up to be a total grumpy pain in the ass.

2. I was supposed to start school but I didn't. I'll have to wait. WHY? Oh my pain in the ass father in law aka FIL. He's eaten us out of house and home. Literally. No joke. I mean he really ate and still is eating... like EVERYTHING.

I am a happy eater. So is my son. Apparently, the FIL is just a freakin p-i-g. My hubs and I spend around 200-250 a month on groceries. I mean no joke. That's pretty good eh? And with a baby too! However in the last two weeks I have had to fork over $500 bucks on food alone. I mean really. Five. Freakin'. Hundred. Dollars. Are you kidding me??????????

And what? You probably say, "Let him pay for his share." What share? He's got like 15 bucks in his account thanks to his good for nothing son (my bro-in-law now my hubs). BIL stole from FIL and now his accounts are in chaos and he's living here. Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

But the added expense of FIL in the household is seriously a total PITA (pain in the ass!). I would say it would be nice to pawn maybe a kidney or two from the FIL... he can survive with just one! But even that won't be worth much. Now I digress, due to him, I'm not in school. The son of a freakin......................................................... Sorry that was me breathing. Hoping to calm down some.

Let's move to another topic.

3. I can't think of another topic. Therefore, you're all going to get my first thought where I considered letting this blog rest in peace. Eh... who knows... it might survive to tell another tale. None the less, the kidlet is seriously waking up... I don't know why. But I have to make sure his butt stays in bed.


Thursday, August 07, 2008


Yes I'm doomed... I have a sign on my back...

Whatever... I hate when a perfect day gets ruined by a single phone call at night. Blast it all...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So it took a little less than 2 months for me to get back to my normal size after giving birth to my son.

But REJOICE!!! I'm not only back to wearing SMALLs again, I'm back to wearing my favorite pair of jeans!

Today at the store I find a cute little pair of skorts (shorts underneath but it looks and has the appearance of a skirt) size 4. I was originally looking for a pair of size 6 but sad to say they had none. That infamous lightbulb then hit me. I was wearing a pair of size 6 jeans that happened to be really and I mean REALLY loose. Sooooo I decide to try on the size 4. And voila! They fit!!!!! And comfortably too.

Now my favorite pair of jeans, I hadn't been able to fit into since I was like 2 months pregnant. I got home and thought to myself... might as well give THEM a try. Hahahaha they fit too! Size 5 in juniors. My favorite. And they fit again!



Monday, May 19, 2008

I Apparently Almost Died???

I've been sick.

Like for this past week, I've done nothing much but be in bed -sick. I hate that kind of sick.

Anyhow, so last weekend starts. Starts off to be a nice one with my family. But for some odd reason I did a LOT and I mean a LOT of sleeping. My husband kept looking at me like a sloth. I'd glare at him. Leave him with the baby. Roll over and commence my sleeping. I'm a very good sleeper.

Until 2 pm hit and I was still tired and sleeping. Ah, the infamous light bulb! we all realized I was not feeling well. Sunday... Mother's day... MY day... I started to have difficulty swallowing. Not good. But I have come to realize this as a normal sign (unfortunately).

Cue the fade out into memory-ville.

You see, I was born with tonsillitis. While pregnant with me, my mom's tonsils got badly infected. She in fact, had to have them removed after giving birth to me. Hence, from day 1, my tonsils have literally been swollen. I grew up with doctors contemplating removing them. "But she's so young," they'd all say and I'd end up with antibiotics to take. It ended up being an annoying cycle that during my teenage years I said, "Screw it! They're not going to do a thing about it besides give me more antibiotics."

So my tonsils were infected... AGAIN... Come Tuesday I felt sick to the point that I actually go to the doctor's. Light-headed, dizzy, can't swallow a thing, can't talk. There, the nurse jams a Q-tip down my throat and literally blocks my air passage. THAT IS HOW BADLY SWOLLEN THESE BEASTS ARE. Stupid Q-tip blocks my oxygen.

Well... they refer me to an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor who will discuss getting them OUT. And proceed to give me three injections. One a very potent penicillin, which feels like glue was being injected into me. One was a pain killer. And the third was an antibiotic.

Now I'm not squeamish. I handle needles and shots very well. But after all that crap, I got SO dizzy the nursing staff had me laying down and called Jon to pick me up. Even after I told them all I was FINE. They refused to let me do much of anything.

Well an hour or two later I'm no longer dizzy and those injections actually worked to the point that I was able to swallow my own spit without any pain. Yay! (But those injections were so freakin thick my hips hurt for like 4 days after that! I felt like an old woman. Sigh.)

So I think I'm on the verge of recovery. The next day I was even able to move about without dizziness or lightheaded-ness. But it was a TEASE! A TEASE I say!

Because on Thursday... Thursday was apparently my almost death day. I don't know what happened but I got worse.

I remember dragging myself out of bed to change the baby. Dragging myself to feed the baby. It was 75 degrees in the house and I felt like it was cold. Of course I realized I had a fever. Which sucked because my son kept trying to get my attention. All I know is, it was around 4:30 (because this show I watch always comes on at 4:30)... I fed the baby and set him down for his nap besides me. Even to this day he loves getting swaddled, so I swaddled him. (Also keeps him from rolling while he's sleeping I tell you what!) And I lay down too.

Now the next bit of stuff is well pretty much secondhand... I don't recall... well... like 99% of it.

Jon comes home about 5: 30 and hears the baby crying as loud as he could. Considering the baby is right next me, I wasn't moving an inch.

Jon says my name. No response. He says my name again. Still no response. He calls my name one more time. Nothing. Well he said he started shouting my name and got nothing out of me. He runs to my side of the bed and grabs me and I finally react but was totally incoherent and pathetically lethargic. He said I was burning up. He jammed a thermometer in my mouth and it read 102.7 degrees. Loverly isn't it? He said he forced me to take some fever reducers and then tried to have me drink more water but I kept refusing the water. He said he was on the verge of panic.

He then literally carries me into the bathroom (now this I do remember) and tries to get me into a tub of cold water where I screamed over and over while crying, "It's COLD! It's COLD!" Jon later told me that the water was really lukewarm but to me it felt ice cold. And I wasn't just crying but I was bawling like a little baby. I apparently was having none of that either. He then carries me to the bedroom and I pretty much pass out. He said he checked my temperature again though and it kept dropping after whatever he did.

All I know is I woke up around 10 pm that night the baby was already snug as a bug in his crib and Jon jumped to alert when he heard me moving. I was thankfully more coherent that time albeit exhausted and still not well.

But I'll remember this because Jon then says to me, "Don't ever scare me like that again! I thought you DIED. The baby was wailing and you didn't hear him. I was SHOUTING your name and you didn't... I was panicking, thinking I might have to take you to the ER, or I might have to give you an emergency tracheotomy. I kept checking your tonsils to make sure you could breathe. You wouldn't hydrate yourself, you wouldn't go in the tub. You looked like you were dead! I had to put my hand on your chest to see if you were still breathing... I thought I lost you."

I'm ok now. No more fever here, thank goodness. And I love my husband.

P.S. Damn tonsils!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...

to ME!!!
A very very Happy Mother's Day to ME!
Oh... and to my mom and my sister and my grandmothers, and EVERY Mom out there!
We kick butt!
Happy Mother's Day Moms!