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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'll never understand how certain people get over issues they've got with friends or family.

It really drives me up the wall.

I kno that not everyone confronts someone they know if they've got a problem... but if you count that person close to you, then damnit, you very well should.

Sure, you could play games... Say, "You should kno what you did."And then not tell them and continue to play martyr. Or you could be a coward and just avoid the person. But if you don't let it out, it's gonna end up putting a wall there and the strain will be there no matter what.

I've been thru this before. And to be frank it sickens me. It adds more drama than I care for.

You got a problem with me, then TELL ME. Don't go avoiding me, afraid to look me in the eye. If I did something wrong, I'll apologize for it. But if I'm trying to make amends and you just ignore, avoid, or whatever... well... I did my part.

I'm not going to go walking on egg shells just cuz someone doesn't kno how to get over themselves or their problems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree man. I also am sick of people talking behind my back, telling all my misdeeds to everyone, but when I confront them and ask what is wrong, they just walk away or pretend to forgive, but continue with telling their stories about me.

9:17:00 AM  

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