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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Surrounded By Weight Watchers...

Over the summer I got really sick and lost quite a bit of weight. Within one month I lost 12 pounds and went down two dress sizes. Now, I've never been the weight watcher. I eat what I eat and I do what I do. But I got REALLY thin, it was NOT pleasing to me but apparently as a result of it, I'm the envy of a lot of women.

I don't know about anyone else, but this deeply disturbs me. For example, I bump into a high school peer at college and she remarks, "Oh my god, Carmel you lost sooo much weight." I begin to tell her that I got sick so it wasn't really by choice. She responds, "But you look so great and thin. It's sad that you got sick. But wow, I'd love for that to happen to me." Terrific.

My boss herself said, "You are losing weight, girl. Really looking good. It's because you're in love, isn't it? Enjoy it now, because when you get married you'll get fat like me." My boss is a size 6 and she thinks she's fat.

Another friend bumped into me, who I haven't seen since last spring, "Wow, haven't seen you in a while. You look trimmer than I saw you before. What's your secret?" You're kidding me.

I want the world to know. I was NOT pleased by my weight loss. I went down from having a size 6 be loose on me, to having a size 4 be loose on me. My jeans became baggy. I am a woman. I love the curves God gave me. Anorexic thin is NOT attractive. Plus food is a dear love. So the word "diet" is not in my vocabulary.


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