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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He Gets His Revenge...

My son ALWAYS gets his revenge.

I could have him do tummy time** for 15 minutes. (And he absolutely HATES tummy time with a capitol "H".) Then I will pick him up to soothe and comfort him and what? He throws up on me.

I could leave him alone for a minute to prepare a bottle that he's been HOWLING for. And when I present it to him he'll refuse it for a good 10 minutes.

I could give him a bath, get him powdered, lotioned and wiped down so he's all clean and smells nice. He'll then have a poopie diaper and spit up on his clean clothes.

Today however... I was trying to clip his tiny little nails. He's such a fidgety thing I have difficulty doing it and dislike it almost to the point of disliking clipping a kitten's sharp claws. Almost but not quite there... yet.

Why? Because of the fact that he refuses to hold still for a period longer than 5 seconds... unless he's sleeping... I have to hold his arm down and grasp his tiny little hand firmly so I can clip his little claws... -ah I mean... nails... clip his sharp little nails. And what does my stubborn hippo do???

He grabs and pulls my hair... then pulls me close. And sneezes... not once... but twice... one after another right in my face.

Oh... the joys of motherhood.

**For those of you who don't know... or simply can't get the meaning out of the words... "tummy time" is an exercise for infants where the parent places the child on his stomach to strengthen his neck, shoulder, and hip muscles, not to mention a few others but mainly those.

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