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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Music Artists Faux Pas...

Watching music awards like MTV's or BET's and I see some music artists that just dance to the beat and make me want to dance too.

And yet... there are some music artists... or rather as I call them -musical "mimicks."

For example:

Miss Mariah singing in the BET Awards. And the audience can tell she is actually singing and not lip syncing because her voice cracked every now and then. And if you look closely, there were times when she would take the microphone away from her voice... as if she were stretching while she was singing or something like that... but it was during vital high notes where if you pull the mic away from your voice it sounds more like a fade affect rather than a cracking cuz the person can't sing. Another funny thing I couldn't help but notice was her hand kept doing this movement. As if, while she was singing her hand was trying to sing too. It looked like she was make "quack quack" motions with her hand the entire time.

Miss Jessica Simpson in the MTV Awards. Her voice hurts my ears too, but while she was on the swing in front of everyone her head kept doing this bobbing motion as if she was a chicken pecking for food. And her hands... I don't even know what to say about her hands. Just that they are ALLL over the place and especially all over her own body too. She apparently likes to touch her own breasts constantly while she sings in public. Who knows... maybe it's a cry for more affection/attention from her husband.

I just seem to notice that artists that have a singing career (whether or not they have talent with their vocals) and can't dance... try to make motions that are similar to animal motions. Maybe it's a hollywood tip. Go figure...


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