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Thursday, July 21, 2005


I got a freakin stye in my silly eye.

That doesn't please me much. My left eye is slightly swollen. Pretty interesting really.

The cure is called a ribbon. I have to put a strip of ribbon in my eye. That's what the doctor said. It doesn't sound very comfortable to me. Does it to anyone else?

I asked for clarification in how to put this "ribbon" in my eye. Apparently it's not really a ribbon, they just call it that. It's really a paste. Yeah, that didn't sound very comfortable to me either.

I was in Oceanside with Jon when I told him I needed to put the paste in my eye. He watches at my eye goes from calm to hyperactive, just totally glazing over while my right eye sits in perfect contentment.

I was told I should even get an eye patch. Why? To keep the temptation away from touching my eye and to keep it contained since a stye is apparently contagious. I looked at the doctor and refused. If I wear an eye patch it'll be for purely recreational reasons... simply put... only because I want to. I don't really need people wondering what the heck is behind the eye patch while they look at me.


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