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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Welcome Back... not really...

Well, all... I'm back from the East Coast... and to be honest, I miss it already... freakin' California sucks.

I knew as soon as I arrived that I would love it there.

I had stepped off that plane and straight into the West Virginian air... and my lungs had to rejoice... "OH MY GOD... NO SMOG!!! ACTUAL CLEAN AIR!!!"

My lungs however weren't the only part of me having a field day, my eyes were totally enjoying the colors of the autumn fall as leaves were changing color. Reds, golds, browns, yellows, oranges and of course GREEN. It was beautiful.

Of course I was the only Asian around for a radius of 60 miles in the town where we were staying but everyone was hospitable and nice. It was just great...

I returned to LAX yesterday... and my lungs were crying, "What happened to the clean air???? Why am I now breathing in smog???" The airport was busy and full of people... as it always is. The freeways/highways are never empty. And people wonder why I would leave such a place as Southern California for West Virginia... well... if you knew me... you wouldn't really wonder. West Virginia... it's "Wild & Wonderful"... and I'm almost there.

P.S. In support and respect for our troops... "Ooo-rah"


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