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Friday, November 02, 2007

New Update...

OOOOOOOOOOOOkay... so the amnio test sucked lol.

I layed on my back, which made it difficult to breathe. They put my belly on an ultrasound so they can always see the baby and make sure the needle doesn't get to him, and they give me a shot right in the abdomen and take some of the amniotic fluid. I'm always getting shots lately. I'm not scared of them, but honestly, it's like the hospital just keeps on taking my blood, the darn vampires.

So, the doctor administering the test is hopeful my child stays still. Yeah right. Like my child would just let some random person poke and prod at him and then stick a needle in his face without fighting back. So my son did fight back. Kicked and punched at the doctor and needle. And that doctor makes a silly comment, "Looks like he found a new toy to play with." What on earth is WRONG with him??? What kind of parent would count a "needle" as a toy?!

I tell you what. I'll put one of his kids in a bed of needles and tell them to enjoy their new toy.

Anyway, my child didn't like the procedure AT ALL. He was pretty fiesty in my belly for a good hour before he finally calmed down.

Beyond the needle adventure, the little guy's lungs aren't fully developed yet. My doctor said that's pretty normal since it usually happens between weeks 35 and 39.

So back to the first plan and deliver at week 39. Sigh, two more weeks. I have to bear the rash and the high blood pressure for only 2 more weeks. And at the same time, I'm still stuck in bed rest.

Well, to cheer me up, Jon adopted two kittens. (We had to give up the two kittens we rescued. We gave them to this lady who adores cats because our apartment wouldn't allow pets. But now that we have our own house... we can have all the pets we want. Dog will come later, most likely a year after the baby's born.) They are easy pets, more independent than pups and easier to train. Show them the litter box and the food and you're set. Plus it keeps my father in law company while Jon and I are dealing with all day doctor visits or eventually just taking care of and dealing with the baby.

So my little family is growing quite fast. Bambi in the front yard, two cats, and a soon a baby. Eh... c'est la vie.

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