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Sunday, August 27, 2006

InFormal Complaint...

I dislike the Kanawha County Record Clerks. I will say this because I plan on filing a complaint against the supervisor there.

Here's how the convo went.

Me- I would like a marriage license please.

Her- When did the marriage take place?

Me- No, I would like to get a new one, please.

Her- (Gives me a haughty look of incredulousness... totally dripping with sarcasm...) Well, where's the groom?

Me- No, I'm sorry but we don't want to get married HERE and by YOU, we want our pastor to do it.

Her- Do you currently reside in Kanawha County?

Me- No, but he and I have an out of state license.

Her- Well, you have to do it in the county you live in.

Me- I read the state laws online. It also said if I come from out of state I can get the license in any county I choose to.

Her- I don't care about what it says on the computer. State law said you have to go in the county you reside in.

Sooooo... I go to one of the other departments and ask them how long it takes to declare residency here in the state of West Virginia because in California it takes at least a year. Three gents tells me if you rent or buy you've just done so. Ok, well I've done neither as of yet.

I go back there... I try to ask someone else to help me... but this she-devil won't let ANYONE ELSE help me. I tell her I know the state laws. I can get a marriage license here. I don't have a place that is under my name. I can get a freakin' license. And she says... you brought your stuff to another county? Then you live there and not here. I don't care what the paper or computer says.

I wanted to strangle the bitter nasty woman. I call up the courthouse that I currently "reside" in and they tell me and I quote, "Yeah, those people at Kanawha are lazy bastards. They don't want to do ANYTHING. But we'll help you out if you simply come during our operating hours."

It's not that hard... sheesh... just gotta type up some words and print some paper out... et voila! There it is... that woman needs to learn a few things in life.


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