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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

100th Post Anniversary...

So I've officially reached 100. Go me! Took me longer than usual for certain reasons that shall not be rehashed. But I've decided to use this 100th post to look back and appreciate where I am today and all the random things that surround me.

I know the past year was a tough one. It was struggles left and right. And to be honest I felt like I was just going through trial and tribulation and there was no relief in sight. But I thank God I'm where I'm at right now.

I have a job where for the first time in my life, I actually do NOT stress out.

Honestly, how many people can say that they have a full-time job and work MANY hours and yet NOT be stressed out??? And in retail of all places???

Haha. I find it funny.

When I first started at this current gig I was told it was the most stressful job in the planet. (I got told this by a recent high school graduate who never left the state.) But after my other jobs (working in retail at Downtown Disney, Anaheim, Ca, working as a personal assistant to a CEO in Newport Beach, working in Daycare with terrible twos and a director who doesn't handle stress well) this job is enjoyable.

I haven't encountered the stress that I have before at my previous jobs. It's great.

I work with something that's near and dear to my heart -Books. And I work with other people who happen to love books too. And after a month there I'm considered for a promotion already. ::Two thumbs way up.::

The biggest stress factor I have right now, is deciding on if I want to buy a house or just rent... I LOVE that... simple things for a simple person. Keep it simple and sweet and I'm content as a kitten with cream.

One way to make me jumping with happiness is if I was earning what I did in California. But even though I don't... I'm still filled with joy.

None the less a major **HINT HINT to my boss. *^_^* It would make my day. Haha.

Anyway... Happy Halloween people... Whether you celebrate it or not... don't eat too much sweets.


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