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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Honestly, these temples were highly elaborate. This is a Taoist temple right on the coast. Jon was looking at the guardian of the temple walls.

The walls were also scuplted with random gods, dragon and man in form.
This was at a Buddhist temple more inland. This is the great dragon god. Basically no other god compares to the dragon one. Which is why the emperor always used the dragon as his symbol. If the dragon had 5 claws, it was a symbol for the emperor, who was pretty god-like to the people. Any dragon with less than 5 claws was pretty much a lesser being. Three claws is the usual for regular peasant folk.
Once again the dragon god which is bigger and badder than all the other gods in front of him. If you were up zoom up on this pic you'd see that there are multiple little statuettes in front of the dragon, those are random lesser gods. These are the three Buddhas. And you probably thought there was only 1. One is for business, one is for health and... ummm... I forgot what the third one is for... happiness I think? And of course... right next to it is the dragon god.
Now this... this is unique and quite interesting in my opinion. There are usually two lions guarding the temple, the father lion and the mother lion. Now... in each lions mouth is a giant concrete ball. Supposedly, if you were able to get the concrete ball out of the father lion's mouth, you'd be guaranteed wealth. So most people, being unable to get concrete ball out of concrete lion's mouth, will just reach for the ball and rub it for good luck. Being able to touch the ball alone is also supposed to be a blessing of good luck and fortune... Well... the one I am touching in this picture (that yes I did show twice because 1, I like the picture and 2, I have a point to make) is the mother lion aka the lioness guardian. Now... supposedly a lot of newly wedded couples will go to the mother lion and reach for the ball in her mouth hoping for a blessing for good fertility. Then according to the superstition, they end up with child shortly after. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a picture of me actually touching concrete ball in concrete mother lion's mouth.
Now, I'm pregnant.
Do I blame mother lion????
Heck no!
I just find it funny.

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