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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Teipei Picture Update... See I Did Put Up Pictures!

This was our first day in Teipei the capitol of Taiwan. My first time ever in Taiwan and Jon's first time ever in Asia.
So here he is, welcoming you to Asiaworld, where Asians dominate even though they normally stand a good foot shorter than the white population.
Asia happens to be the capitol of cellphones, bootlegs, and cheap products where they make things for approximately 6 cents and ship them over to the U.S. and sell them for about 50 bucks. So of course, while we were there... we went on a major shopping spree.

These were just a few random pictures we took.
You'd think that this bright red bear with all the hearts on it would be an advertisement for stuffed animals, or toys, or Valentine's day...
...but it wasn't.
It was just a couple of weeks before Christmas, there was no toy store in the vicinity. This giant bundle of stuffed love with the numbers on it, was an advertisement for a bank. Hence the quote, "We Share." I don't know... it was pretty interesting. How many banks do you know with that kind of marketing????
So, did you know that McDonalds won't open up a franchise unless there's 30,000 people within a certain radius?
Well try having 2 McDonalds on the same block.
Mickey D's in Teipei where the people barely understood our order. If you look at the cup, it's got the phrase "I'm lovin' it" in Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese, French and I forget what else.

Once again the bank marketing trick.
This time... it's a better picture...
It's got me in it...
P.S. We were annoying the bank... the giant bear thingy was actually on a podium that stood in the middle of a fountain. They were annoyed with us because we stood in the middle of the fountain.
Hey... it was drained... we didn't care.

This Angel was in front of the hotel we stayed at... we happened to have been the comic relief for the maitre d.
Hey... he just wanted to let the world know he CAN dance ya know...

McDonalds in Chinese... well... here's Toys R Us in Chinese.
I happen to enjoy the Toys R Us there better...
If you're looking for a specific toy, they always have one box open so you can figure out if you want to buy it or not.
Anyway, this set of pictures was just the random photos we took. Later I'll put up more. My camera has over 300 pics in it. So give me a break and some credit for putting these up.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing these with us! Sounds like you guys had a great tie.

1:51:00 AM  
Blogger Carmel said...

Hehe... it was loads of fun...

12:17:00 AM  

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