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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yo-yo Debate...

Now, I just can't see it. When people do random tricks with yo-yos (like around the world, or the pendulum) it doesn't strike me as weaponry.
My buddy then decides to tell me that he could see how it was done. That if he bonked me with a yo-yo at the temple I'd get knocked out.
I preceded to then tell him that his aim had to be sure and precise and that his strike had to be THAT strong. Otherwise it would just really, really hurt. Yay, for the yo-yo weapon. Let me see if I can hit you in the groin now.
So we get into this debate. (Shame me for bringing the subject up in the first place.) He's totally adamant that it's a great weapon, and I'm totally adamant that it's a lame weapon but an interesting toy.
Nobody doubts that a Philippine kali stick makes a good weapon, but a yo-yo? C'mon.
Look at it this way: You go to Toys R Us, you can find yo-yos. You go to get a weapon at a weapons store, you don't find yo-yos.
The fact that they were used as weapons makes me understand better how we (as filipinos) were under Spanish rule for over 200 years. We probably tried to yo-yo them to death.
So next time you all are in a weapons store, be sure to ask them if they have any yo-yos in stock.
I'll be sure to write the editor of the book entitled "WEAPONS" and ask him why he didn't have any yo-yos in picture.


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