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Sunday, May 06, 2007

It Moved!

Ok... so, I'm at the verge of ending my third month.

I have thus fair only gained 4 pounds. However due to the fact that I got the stomach flu last weekend, I lost 2 of those 4 pounds that I gained. So I'm down to just 2 pounds of actual weight gain. (Stupid stomach flu... it was only supposed to be a 24 hour bug... who suffers froma 24 hour bug for 4 freakin days????????)

They said that you don't always hear the heartbeat until the 3rd month, but we heard the baby's heartbeat in our first ultrasound when I was just in my 7th week.

Technically I'm in the middle of my 11th week right now (end of 3rd month and first trimester). People don't usually feel movements in the womb until sometime in the fourth month. But we felt the baby move yesterday. I was holding onto my belly yesterday wondering what the heck is going on in my uterus that I was feeling uncomfortable, and I felt the slightest, tiniest tap. I was so freakin' excited I told my husband I felt the baby move and he thought I was just teasing him (like he thought when I first told him I was pregnant!) and he put his hand on my belly, right where the womb is, and felt a slight little tap tap too. We then tried for the next 15 minutes to see if Jr. would give us another tap but to no avail. Seeing as baby is only the size of an apple right now, it decided it was too tired to entertain its parents. The lazy bum...

But anyway, I don't know if I shared this or not, but the baby's due November 22, 2007. (Of course that's the estimated due date so who knows.) But that's also Thanksgiving day.

And ***No... I will never get my child a turkey shaped cake. Talk about tackey. Egh...



Anonymous Amanda said...

Yay! That's so exciting!

10:47:00 AM  

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