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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A POST-Thanksgiving Update...

Okay all... so I lied... the pictures of the wedding won't be put up yet. Sorry... I tend to be really lazy... but I have good news which makes it all easier for me and therefore more reader friendly for you, whoever you all are. But I'll share the good news later...

For now... Thanksgiving was fantastic. I'm still full. Though I did all the cooking... I'm still full. :) But I have to say, belated as it may be, I'm grateful for a lot of things.

I have to say thank you to the friends who stood by me and checked up on me, you all know who you are since I say thank you to you most like EVERY chance I get, and just showed me love when others didn't. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've been given when others don't get any at all. And I'm thankful for such a loving husband who has been my constant rock.

Now... secondly... Black Friday! Hahaha. This is sooo great. So I've been giving leave by my husband to "Go nuts!" Which I rarely ever do especially when it comes to shopping. "So go nuts Carmel... tis the season anyway, plus your birthday is right around the corner." ;-) I love the holidays.

So, I actually went to Walmart at 5 in the morning to do some Black Friday shopping. Crazy? So I've been told. But hey... Jon had to be at work at 5 anyway so why not? Walmart is close enough. Now... I assumed I would be there for a good hour at least... but I was in and out within 20 minutes, really just 20 minutes. And I didn't lose any limbs! Everyone kept trying to find parking that was close... ha! I parked in the first spot I found and walked. And then everyone grabbed a cart and tried to bring it all over the store with them. WHY??? Just why? I decided to just carry around whatever it was I purchased. It made my way sooooooooooo much easier. But I have to say 20 minutes in and out of Walmart right at the beginning of Black Friday shopping has got to be a record.

End result: I got myself a brand new digital camera. Kodak digital that came with a camera bag and printer and ink and paper, and I bought 2 1 GB memory cards separately. All in all market value is approx $360, excluding tax and at the cheapest place you can find it, I got it for around 200 bucks.

So the good news... hahaha it's almost my birthday! I'm going to hit the big 22. Which in reality does absolutely nothing for me. I could already buy smokes if I wanted to (but I don't, smell of smoke makes me gag, I couldn't be a smoker if I wanted to, which I don't)... I can look at porno if I wanted to (but I don't, not interested)... I can vote already if I wanted to (but I missed the elections by a month, go figure)... and I can drink if I wanted to (but I'm not really a drinker at all). So 22 gives me nothing new. I still can't rent a car. Oh well... it's still my birthday in about 6 days. ;-) I digress...

Anyway... what does this do for me? I got to go nuts... now I don't have to constantly develope film with my rebel and scan them or put them on cd, I can just upload them and be done with it.

So... after walmart we go to Target... and what else do I get??? All four seasons of 24 for 16 bucks a piece. Each season is like 55 bucks normally. Spent 64 dollars on four seasons that would have normally cost me $220. I love the holidays. Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas, then New Years. All of them mean family and food. :) The presents are really just a bonus. ;-) A nice bonus... but still just a bonus...


Blogger Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Mine's this week too (Wednesday).

1:42:00 AM  

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