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Thursday, June 14, 2007

No Help for the Weary???

This is just crap. There's a woman with an emergency in the emergency room and no one's helping her. Instead they refuse to help her at all.

No doctor/nurse in the ER is allowed to refuse service to anyone who has an emergency. No matter what.

Someone on MSNBC stated that's the US is in need of larger ER services because too many people will go to the ER for help. That's BS. The US is in need of better health care for it's citizens. Over 40 million without health care? And they wonder why the ER is always so full of people.

But that's still not the point. People just watched this woman die. No doctor, no nurse, not even the janitor who was cleaning the puke around her, or the people in the ER, tried to help her in any way shape or form. Only her boyfriend and a random person tried to call 911 and even they couldn't really do anything because she WAS ALREADY AT A HOSPITAL.

Just sickening... no one did squat to help...




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