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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rant of the Day...

A Complaint About Me... of Sorts...
So... I was assisting a co-worker in the cafe. He had a long line of people and I was sent to help relieve him.
Well, person #1 buys a packet of cookies. Good for him. Well, the genius opens up this small packet of cookies, takes a BIG bite into it, THEN and only THEN, realizes that majority of the cookie is crumbs and not actual cookie.
While my busy co-worker and I were dealing with the ever growing line of people, genius over here, comes back and makes an annoucement: "I changed my mind about these cookies. It's nothing but crumbs, I'll take a new packet instead." Without so much as a by-your-leave, the dude just up and goes on his merry little way. Without so much as even a "Sure thing sir," or "Let us then do a proper exchange," nada. He just prances on.
Another woman just looks shocked and says, "He just walked away with new cookies."
Here I am, thinking, you have to take a huge bite into the pack you just opened to realize it's more crumb than cookie before you trade it off???? You couldn't feel it when you bought the stupid thing that it was more crumb than cookie???? And I simply state, "He just left it [the open pack of cookies] there."
Well, I turn to the next person in line (another winner I tell you what...) and he's outright glaring at me with such hatred and digust you could have sworn I killed a kid in front of him. I ask him how I could help him, and he says in a snotty way, "Forget about it," and storms off. I'm thinking, "What's his freakin' problem?" When I see this guy talking to another manager, pointing at me, WHILE glaring at me.
He can multi-task that much at least. He threw a major hissy fit in the front of the store.
He leaves the store, still glaring. Ok, sure. Whatever. Fine by me. I walk over to that manager and ask her what his problem was.
Apparently, I was the rudest thing since raoad rage was coined. And I quote, "She was rude and criticizing other customers because of a cookie." He apparently was loud enough to let the other associates know, and very active with his hands, to let other customers know he was complaining.
Well, that guy can kiss my butt and then move to Japan for all I care. The other woman, who was there the entire time, and saw the first guy walk out with cookies, actually gave me her phone number, said if he complained the store could call her. His actions were uncalled for and unappropriate and that I did nothing to warrant such actions from him. She would verify it.
Well to that guy I repeat, he can kiss my butt. What a total jerk.
But to that lady, for being fair and honest, thank God there are people like you in the world. I just wish we had more people minded like her.

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