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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Very First Auction...

Well... as the title reads, I went to my very first auction ever. Our church youth had a benefit auction so they can go to a camp in Colorado. A bunch of the members donated things, gift baskets, food and what not and invited the town to an auction annnnnnnnnnd I went.

As I arrived I was given luckly number 7 to make my purchases. They had asked this guy to be the auctioneer... they all said he was a pro at it. At first I thought they were all insane because when he was telling the crowd who he was he was talking soooooooooo slow, I could barely stay awake. But when he started the auction he then started talking so fast I could barely keep up.

Now what did I get away with???


I got an applie pie. It was good stuff. I also got a few dishes including a 16 piece set decorated for Christmas.

Now... the most interesting things I got were as follows:

This 1950's Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Camera with Flash for it's original purchase price of $1. Hahahahaha. Go me. I guess another man's junk is another person's treasure. I also got this really cool picinic basket with picnic blanket, tarp and silverware inside. And I got a framed copy of a signed picture of Babe Ruth (which my husband gave away to this kid who desperately wanted it but couldn't afford squat and looked longingly at the stupid thing... I'm annoyed at him because we just purchased the darn thing though at the same time I'm deeply impressed and moved with his generousity... those two emotions are warring with each other at the moment)........ and last but oh definitely not least... I got 7... hahaha lucky number 7 again... 7 girls.

Now before anyone goes freakin out! The church isn't selling slaves or girls for bad reasons or nothing... no... the youth were raising the money... therefore they were also offering certain services such as BABYSITTING, HOUSE CHORES, WASHING THE CAR, GARDENING/MOWING THE LAWN, and CLEANING. Each said they would do work for 4 hours and that was auctioned off.

Well... seeing as I have gotten to know quite a few of these girls... and seeing as these said girls adore my son... and seeing as I don't get to spend much time with Jon... and seeing as my family is all in Southern California... we got ourselves some babysitters. :)

So... for my very first auction... it was great... :)



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