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Monday, May 05, 2008

I Kill Trees...

Now I don't go around wasting paper or any shiz like that. But I have come to realize... I still unfortunately kill trees. Poor, poor trees.

My son can poop once and I'll have to use how many wipes on his dirty litte butt. And I'll go through a whole containing of wipes without blinking an eye. Poor, poor trees.

Tissues too! Here's this snotty, drooling baby and a box of tissues will disappear as fast as you can say, "Crikey".

Sorry trees! But as a mom which should I care for more??? My son's butt? Or the amount of wipes I'm going through? It'll be his butt. It's only going to be baby soft for a short time in his life. So I say let him enjoy a smooth butt without rashes.

I promise to make sure my son plants a few seeds when he's old enough to realize that the seed goes in the ground and not in his mouth. (I would like to avoid any and all choking incidents as possible...) So you'll have to wait a few years.



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