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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Curiousity Killed the Cat...

I have to say I'm a naturally curious person... I like to ask questions and find various truths.

I sometimes wish I wasn't so curious... cuz sometimes the truth actually hurts.

Life without the Internet...

For the last few months I've lived life without the internet. For the first few weeks it had been a struggle. The only times I had access to the internet was when I was at work or a friend's house and they let me do what I wanted or needed online. But I must say, it can be done ladies and gentlemen.

In this day and age most people can't survive without being able to turn the computer on and see what's online. AIM did not just become a phase but it's a certified form of communication between most people now that they even have access to it on cell phones. Email is now the new form of a letter. If you have access to the internet you don't even need to go to the grocery store to buy your groceries.

It's been weird for me. Most of my friends can attest I was an internet junkie. I pay most all my bills online... (I still do... and it's quite a pain in the rear considering I don't have internet access...) I do most of my international as well as national communication online too.

Most of my jobs I found online. So you must understand that me being without a job, and not having access to a vehicle or the internet makes it difficult for me to find one. Yet somehow, I made do. Somehow, I'm making do. We've become so dependent on the internet to find everything we need. We forget that only 10-20 years ago we did everything without it.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year...

I always liked the new year holiday. People make resolutions and are so intent on keeping them... though about 99% of people who make resolutions don't keep them. But for that one day or so, people tend to reflect. I, however, don't reflect as much as I do "realize".
In reflecting upon 2005, I've come to realize, I've have seriously done a lot of growing up. Not like I count myself immature... I mean most people say I may look young but I act like I'm so much older... but I digress... that's not the point. The changes that I've been through this year have put me in a situation where I can either make it or break it.
While many were telling me I was going to break, I realized they were more afraid I was going to make it, and make it without their help.
I realized I actually have so much to be grateful for. Many of my friends thought I was put in a tough spot, but there are so many others who go through worse than anything I have or will ever encounter. And many of them make it just fine. I'm pretty sure... I'll make it just fine too. I've got more on my side than I do working against me.
I realized that a lot of people are scared of change and don't realize that they're constantly changing. Someone once told me... "The only thing constant in this world besides death, is change." So expect it ladies and gents. Things are not only changing for me but they're looking up too.
Happy New Year 2006