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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So it took a little less than 2 months for me to get back to my normal size after giving birth to my son.

But REJOICE!!! I'm not only back to wearing SMALLs again, I'm back to wearing my favorite pair of jeans!

Today at the store I find a cute little pair of skorts (shorts underneath but it looks and has the appearance of a skirt) size 4. I was originally looking for a pair of size 6 but sad to say they had none. That infamous lightbulb then hit me. I was wearing a pair of size 6 jeans that happened to be really and I mean REALLY loose. Sooooo I decide to try on the size 4. And voila! They fit!!!!! And comfortably too.

Now my favorite pair of jeans, I hadn't been able to fit into since I was like 2 months pregnant. I got home and thought to myself... might as well give THEM a try. Hahahaha they fit too! Size 5 in juniors. My favorite. And they fit again!