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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

100th Post Anniversary...

So I've officially reached 100. Go me! Took me longer than usual for certain reasons that shall not be rehashed. But I've decided to use this 100th post to look back and appreciate where I am today and all the random things that surround me.

I know the past year was a tough one. It was struggles left and right. And to be honest I felt like I was just going through trial and tribulation and there was no relief in sight. But I thank God I'm where I'm at right now.

I have a job where for the first time in my life, I actually do NOT stress out.

Honestly, how many people can say that they have a full-time job and work MANY hours and yet NOT be stressed out??? And in retail of all places???

Haha. I find it funny.

When I first started at this current gig I was told it was the most stressful job in the planet. (I got told this by a recent high school graduate who never left the state.) But after my other jobs (working in retail at Downtown Disney, Anaheim, Ca, working as a personal assistant to a CEO in Newport Beach, working in Daycare with terrible twos and a director who doesn't handle stress well) this job is enjoyable.

I haven't encountered the stress that I have before at my previous jobs. It's great.

I work with something that's near and dear to my heart -Books. And I work with other people who happen to love books too. And after a month there I'm considered for a promotion already. ::Two thumbs way up.::

The biggest stress factor I have right now, is deciding on if I want to buy a house or just rent... I LOVE that... simple things for a simple person. Keep it simple and sweet and I'm content as a kitten with cream.

One way to make me jumping with happiness is if I was earning what I did in California. But even though I don't... I'm still filled with joy.

None the less a major **HINT HINT to my boss. *^_^* It would make my day. Haha.

Anyway... Happy Halloween people... Whether you celebrate it or not... don't eat too much sweets.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Still Alive... I promise!

Ok guys, sorry for not being here in well quite awhile. But as far as I am aware, I'm still alive and kicking. So I'm honestly doing alright.

I blame Jon's work schedule on my random disappearance from social networking. But thanks to all, especially Cherie, Matt, Amanda and Shannon for continually asking how I'm doing or where the heck I was. I apologize for not keeping up to date and in touch.

Anyway, Jon was asked for a 5 week period to work inventory with a shift from 6pm to 3 in the morning. Since he and I like to save on gas (since gas prices as we all know are still annoyingly high... anyone remember when it cost less than 20 bucks to fill up a tank??? sigh... good ol' days... but I digress) we commute together. Well I had to change my schedule at work too so I could accommodate his scheduling.

As a result, he and I became nocturnal creatures of the night. We slept through most of the day (which frustrated us a lot because that meant we could never get anything done that needed to get done during daylight hours) and we worked when the sun was down. And I don't care what anyone says about how easy it is to do, working at night it always seems like you're never getting enough sleep. And why? 'Cuz you're not getting the light that you need in the daytime. I swear there's got to be a theory on that somewhere.

I mean I do enjoy nights more often than I do days, and I did suffer from insomnia but still I never slept during the entire time the sun was up. Anyway, as of well... today, our schedules return to normal. THANK GOD! He was going crazy, I was going crazy, and well... oddly enough the cats were going crazy too. We had just gotten them trained to going to sleep at night, rather than running around keeping us awake and then bam we're up in the middle of the night keeping them awake!

So I'm still alive and well... and thanks again to all who checked up on me. I promise to do better next time my schedule is randomly switched on me ;-).

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Creeper in My Backyard...

Okay... so we just got home from eating out and my husband decides to take a walk outside.

Sounds fine to me... no biggy... he does this often... and I'm just in the upstairs living room watching the news anyway.

Next thing I know he's storming back in the house and up the stairs and heads straight for the closet. I hear anger/annoyance in his voice as he talks to his grandmother. Then I hear him running back down the stairs and outside.

Sooooo... I'm wondering what on earth Jon's been up to since we were due to meet someone in town in like half an hour.

Next thing I know I see him back up the stairs holding the rifle in his hands.

What on earth are you doing with the rifle? Was the first thought to come to mind.

When he tells me, "There was some guy out there, hiding in the bushes just staring at the house."


Apparently, while Jon was going on his walk, he came upon this stranger just North of the house. So he tells me and his grandmother to keep an eye out and to make sure the doors are locked. Of course, his grandmother comes up with the question, "What if it was a neighbor?"

Well, neighbors who walk on the property tend to say "Hi" and "Hello" and to make it obvious that they are simply out on a walk on the 50+ acres of forestry we live in, plus we tend to know most of the neighbors since a lot of them are family anyway. This creeper was no neighbor, he was just hiding... and watching.

Honestly it's a good thing Jon had military training, that's how he was able to see the creeper hiding in the bushes, barely visible.

Jon had asked him who he was, and when the creeper gave no response but simply gave a look of panic at being found, my husband told him with a strong conviction, "If I come back out and find you here I'm going to shot you." Ample warning folks, he gave a good warning.

That's when Jon came back to the house and dug in the closet. Then went back outside, armed.

As he came back out, the creeper was running as fast as he could up the hill and Jon fired two warning shots by the creeper.

Jon was soo mad. Even if all the guy wanted to do was some thievery, it just isn't right that there are people who would do crap like that.

Anyway, we told the tennants to keep a look out and be careful. A friendly cop who hunts on neighboring farms said he would scope the area out. Jon also knows how to track and checked it out afterwards.

So to all the creepers out there, you've been forewarned... try anything foolish and you're likely to get shot.