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Monday, August 25, 2008

Update of Randomness...

So, I have been remiss in my duties with my blog. Not like anyone reads it anymore. However I am thinking of maybe starting all over again... It's just... I've had this one for forever almost... well we'll see.

Beyond that... things are going well. I guess.

1. My son -Growing soooooo freakin fast. He's in the 90% for babies. Only 10% of babies his age are bigger than him and he's expected to be at least, and I say AT LEAST, 6 ft tall. That's what his doctor says at least. He's got teeth and is almost walking and I can barely even lift the kid without getting winded. But he's such a happy baby that my mother told me she'd smack the crap out of me if he grows up to be a total grumpy pain in the ass.

2. I was supposed to start school but I didn't. I'll have to wait. WHY? Oh my pain in the ass father in law aka FIL. He's eaten us out of house and home. Literally. No joke. I mean he really ate and still is eating... like EVERYTHING.

I am a happy eater. So is my son. Apparently, the FIL is just a freakin p-i-g. My hubs and I spend around 200-250 a month on groceries. I mean no joke. That's pretty good eh? And with a baby too! However in the last two weeks I have had to fork over $500 bucks on food alone. I mean really. Five. Freakin'. Hundred. Dollars. Are you kidding me??????????

And what? You probably say, "Let him pay for his share." What share? He's got like 15 bucks in his account thanks to his good for nothing son (my bro-in-law now my hubs). BIL stole from FIL and now his accounts are in chaos and he's living here. Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

But the added expense of FIL in the household is seriously a total PITA (pain in the ass!). I would say it would be nice to pawn maybe a kidney or two from the FIL... he can survive with just one! But even that won't be worth much. Now I digress, due to him, I'm not in school. The son of a freakin......................................................... Sorry that was me breathing. Hoping to calm down some.

Let's move to another topic.

3. I can't think of another topic. Therefore, you're all going to get my first thought where I considered letting this blog rest in peace. Eh... who knows... it might survive to tell another tale. None the less, the kidlet is seriously waking up... I don't know why. But I have to make sure his butt stays in bed.


Thursday, August 07, 2008


Yes I'm doomed... I have a sign on my back...

Whatever... I hate when a perfect day gets ruined by a single phone call at night. Blast it all...

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