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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Honestly, these temples were highly elaborate. This is a Taoist temple right on the coast. Jon was looking at the guardian of the temple walls.

The walls were also scuplted with random gods, dragon and man in form.
This was at a Buddhist temple more inland. This is the great dragon god. Basically no other god compares to the dragon one. Which is why the emperor always used the dragon as his symbol. If the dragon had 5 claws, it was a symbol for the emperor, who was pretty god-like to the people. Any dragon with less than 5 claws was pretty much a lesser being. Three claws is the usual for regular peasant folk.
Once again the dragon god which is bigger and badder than all the other gods in front of him. If you were up zoom up on this pic you'd see that there are multiple little statuettes in front of the dragon, those are random lesser gods. These are the three Buddhas. And you probably thought there was only 1. One is for business, one is for health and... ummm... I forgot what the third one is for... happiness I think? And of course... right next to it is the dragon god.
Now this... this is unique and quite interesting in my opinion. There are usually two lions guarding the temple, the father lion and the mother lion. Now... in each lions mouth is a giant concrete ball. Supposedly, if you were able to get the concrete ball out of the father lion's mouth, you'd be guaranteed wealth. So most people, being unable to get concrete ball out of concrete lion's mouth, will just reach for the ball and rub it for good luck. Being able to touch the ball alone is also supposed to be a blessing of good luck and fortune... Well... the one I am touching in this picture (that yes I did show twice because 1, I like the picture and 2, I have a point to make) is the mother lion aka the lioness guardian. Now... supposedly a lot of newly wedded couples will go to the mother lion and reach for the ball in her mouth hoping for a blessing for good fertility. Then according to the superstition, they end up with child shortly after. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a picture of me actually touching concrete ball in concrete mother lion's mouth.
Now, I'm pregnant.
Do I blame mother lion????
Heck no!
I just find it funny.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Doctors Lie...

The doctors lie when they say it's only 9 months...

It's not 9 months...

It's actually 10 months...

And morning sickness doesn't seem to be coming in the morning... but more like early late afternoon/early evening...

And yeah... I am pregnant. :) Just found out 20 minutes ago...

...and I almost fell in the freakin' toilet.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Teipei's Equivalent to Our Arlington Memorial...

Don't ask me to tell you the name of this memorial... because 1. I'll butcher it, 2. I don't know it, and 3. Yes, at one point in time I knew it, but I forgot it 2 seconds after I heard it.

But this memorial is Taiwan's equivalent to our Arlington. That's how they compare it and those how they refer to it. They too respect the grounds, they too have a changing of the guard and someone stationed there 24/7/365, and they too have an unmarked grave with a nameless soldier respectfully buried there.
There is Taiwan's flag. And a security building... that I figured was used to house the guards who weren't on watch duty.
This is a security tower, they had one on each side of the memorial... though tourist are allowed to go on the first floor and admire the scenery... the second floor is reserved for guards only.

I must say, I've never seen a more elaborate security tower ever before.

The unmarked grave... enough said...
The changing of the guard...

The actual memorial itself... Those tablet thingies... are the gravestones. People would enter the doors and bow in respect to the soldiers who gave their lives.
My godmother right next to my mother...
And a mural depicting the war...
More pictures to come later...

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Teipei Picture Update... See I Did Put Up Pictures!

This was our first day in Teipei the capitol of Taiwan. My first time ever in Taiwan and Jon's first time ever in Asia.
So here he is, welcoming you to Asiaworld, where Asians dominate even though they normally stand a good foot shorter than the white population.
Asia happens to be the capitol of cellphones, bootlegs, and cheap products where they make things for approximately 6 cents and ship them over to the U.S. and sell them for about 50 bucks. So of course, while we were there... we went on a major shopping spree.

These were just a few random pictures we took.
You'd think that this bright red bear with all the hearts on it would be an advertisement for stuffed animals, or toys, or Valentine's day...
...but it wasn't.
It was just a couple of weeks before Christmas, there was no toy store in the vicinity. This giant bundle of stuffed love with the numbers on it, was an advertisement for a bank. Hence the quote, "We Share." I don't know... it was pretty interesting. How many banks do you know with that kind of marketing????
So, did you know that McDonalds won't open up a franchise unless there's 30,000 people within a certain radius?
Well try having 2 McDonalds on the same block.
Mickey D's in Teipei where the people barely understood our order. If you look at the cup, it's got the phrase "I'm lovin' it" in Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese, French and I forget what else.

Once again the bank marketing trick.
This time... it's a better picture...
It's got me in it...
P.S. We were annoying the bank... the giant bear thingy was actually on a podium that stood in the middle of a fountain. They were annoyed with us because we stood in the middle of the fountain.
Hey... it was drained... we didn't care.

This Angel was in front of the hotel we stayed at... we happened to have been the comic relief for the maitre d.
Hey... he just wanted to let the world know he CAN dance ya know...

McDonalds in Chinese... well... here's Toys R Us in Chinese.
I happen to enjoy the Toys R Us there better...
If you're looking for a specific toy, they always have one box open so you can figure out if you want to buy it or not.
Anyway, this set of pictures was just the random photos we took. Later I'll put up more. My camera has over 300 pics in it. So give me a break and some credit for putting these up.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Would You...

Ok... Now...

I wouldn't want to have a dentist with bad teeth.

I wouldn't want to have a plastic surgeon that's ugly. (Not that I have a plastic surgeon... but you get the drift.)

I wouldn't want to have a smoker tell me to quit smoking. (Not that I even smoke.)

I wouldn't want to have an alcoholic tell me to stop drinking alcohol. (I'm not an alcoholoic.)

I wouldn't want to have a teacher who couldn't teach.

Therefore, why on earth would I want a really fat nurse/doctor tell me to watch my diet????????????

Would you?


Status Quo...

Darn you blogspot! I was happy with the status quo and you had to force me to make the upgrade to keep using my blog! Darn you and darn you and darn you.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yo-yo Debate...

Now, I just can't see it. When people do random tricks with yo-yos (like around the world, or the pendulum) it doesn't strike me as weaponry.
My buddy then decides to tell me that he could see how it was done. That if he bonked me with a yo-yo at the temple I'd get knocked out.
I preceded to then tell him that his aim had to be sure and precise and that his strike had to be THAT strong. Otherwise it would just really, really hurt. Yay, for the yo-yo weapon. Let me see if I can hit you in the groin now.
So we get into this debate. (Shame me for bringing the subject up in the first place.) He's totally adamant that it's a great weapon, and I'm totally adamant that it's a lame weapon but an interesting toy.
Nobody doubts that a Philippine kali stick makes a good weapon, but a yo-yo? C'mon.
Look at it this way: You go to Toys R Us, you can find yo-yos. You go to get a weapon at a weapons store, you don't find yo-yos.
The fact that they were used as weapons makes me understand better how we (as filipinos) were under Spanish rule for over 200 years. We probably tried to yo-yo them to death.
So next time you all are in a weapons store, be sure to ask them if they have any yo-yos in stock.
I'll be sure to write the editor of the book entitled "WEAPONS" and ask him why he didn't have any yo-yos in picture.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm Like A Rabbit... I Disappear and Re-appear at the Drop of a Hat...

So my friends... after the most random visit from the mother-in-law... where we got a one day notice of her arrival... -my dear hubby and I decided: It's time to move.

We'd like to buy grandma's house and we plan to eventually. Just currently, she's not ready to leave. I can understand why though, that IS the house that she and her husband built together right before he died. I wouldn't want to leave it either. So for the mean time, we got ourselves a nice 2 bedroom apartment.

I have to say... this apartment is only 5 minutes away from where we both work so we don't have to commute 60 miles just to get to work everyday. It is also almost as big as the one I had in California, though to compensate it does have an attic, attics don't really exist in California appartments. And the best part is, we're only paying 450 a month on the place while saving a whole bunch on gas.

So we made a checklist on things we needed for the apartment (i.e., couch, bed, etc.) and things we wanted (i.e., cable, internet, etc.) and proceeded to get them.

Now we got the internet... great... we have 3 different computers. However... the three different computers didn't want to work. Two needed new ram (darn laptops) and the tower needed a driver to access the internet though the computer itself was accessible.

Now... we could get a driver by downloading it FROM the internet. But if you see my little problem here, I had the internet, I couldn't access it, so to access it, I needed the internet, which I couldn't access. Hence, I just bought a new computer. :)

If my husband wasn't going to bother finding a way to get ram or the drivers... I would just get a new computer and problem solved. But ladies and gents, who may or may not be with me anymore... THAT is why I wasn't online for the last month and a half.

Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do (not including a lot of emails to read). So for now I bid you adieu. I have my own computer and THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY as well as the local cable provider, in this apartment, I also have HIGH SPEED INTERNET. So no more dial up and my impatience with it... I'm back in civilization, baby.