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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here We Are To the Rescue!!!

Honestly, some people are just jerks. If I believed in karma I would probably relax a little bit knowing that some people would get what was coming to them. But since I don't I hope people do somehow end up learning their lesson one way or another.

Jon and I were on the road just this past Monday. And while on the road, Jon all of a sudden had the urge to go to the restroom. Now being in the middle of the woods with no civilization for miles in front of us or behind us, he went where the animals go... in the trees.

I, of course, had to have my laugh at Jon. Looking back and forth seeing if cars are coming, trying to hide himself. When he done he called me to get out of the car. I assumed he was mad at me, but lo and behold... two small kittens had popped their heads out of the closest bush.

They were shivering from the cold and wet from the rain. There was no one around and no mother cat. We figured they were just abandoned on the side of the road. So we decided to rescue them (even though we knew we were going to get scratches) and maybe bring them to the humane society.

Jon had easily lured on of the kittens with the meatball sub I had in the car. He had trouble with the second one. They were scared and didn't know if it was better to be in the car with us or out in the wild. They also looked quite malnourished and shaggy enough to confirm that they were indeed abandoned but only within the past 2-3 days. And they were only 1 1/2 months old.

Brother and sister (we found this out later when we tried to clip their SHARP claws... but I digress) with the brother constantly protecting his little sister who was too scared to do anything but shake. They were totally scrawny little things too. They just attacked whatever food I put in front of them.

But after that first day with us, we decided to keep the cats rather than take them to the humane society. Now they look healthier and totally happier too. They tend to follow Jon and myself around the house. They aren't scared of us anymore either. And they haven't shook from fear like they did when we first put them in our car, since that very first day.

Poo! And more poo! on the person who just left them there to die from starvation or get eaten alive. They are awesome little kittens. That person missed out.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

I find that I recalled one of my high school days when I was in a debate tournament. I was to give an impromtu speech where I drew a topic out of a hat and was given 5 minutes to prepare a 3 minute speech about that topic.

Lo and behold I drew out the phrase "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.

My gut told me to roll with the saying itself and ignore anything else about it.

So I therefore talked about how no one seems to be able to get any satisfaction nowadays. I talked about how Pokemon (sorry that WAS the craze back then) was more an entity that takes money out of your pockets than anything else. Seeing as how a kid would end up getting one toy or one silly card and the next week he'll want another.

I talked about how Christmas became a freakin' shoppers fantasy. Gifts and gifts galore when a month after Christmas people forget what they were given and want something else new and shiny.

I talked about a married man who had one wife and ended up wanting another.

And if you look this is all true... a person will buy a new car... ahhh sweet satisfaction... then a newer model comes out and the satisfaction is replaced by a NEED to get the newer model.

BLAH!... that's what I say... BLAH!

Why did I end up recalling this speech? Probably because it became frustratingly unavoidable
for me in the past few months.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Welcome Home... at last!

After 10 months of toiling and just suffering from frustrations up the wazzoo... I'm finally home.

It took us a total of 33 hours to drive straight from California to W. Virginia with only a pit stop every two-three hours. But honestly... it's good to be at a place where I can finally settle down and call home. I've got two creeks on either side of the house and a waterfall in the background, trees to surround me, and the presence of deer in the morning.

It is great to be here.

20th Move... and I'm done...