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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Waiting... Always Waiting...

I hate waiting... I REALLY hate waiting. It's like time will drag on and on and it will seem like forever and a day has passed but then you look at the clock and it's only been a minute.

Well, I'm ready to give birth. I really am. It's time for the hippo to get out. It's been 32 weeks people... 32 weeks today to be exact!... 32 bloomin' weeks... sigh...


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Update...

Ok... soooooooooooo I'll be moving... AGAIN...

This will be my 22nd move in my life. I am only 22 years old. The number of moves I've made have once again caught up with my years. Am I thrilled??? HECK no. But it has to be done. I'll get back to this in a minute...

First off, I quit my job. I just up and quit. Never have I ever, done that in my life. I've always given a two week notice and in some instances I've given a full month notice. But not here. Told them that was my last day. So long, farewell, goodbye. And it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Why did hardworking little ol' me just up and leave??? Because ever since my boss (now ex-boss) found out I was pregnant. Her attitude toward me changed drastically. She lied to me, manipulated me and others around me and all around took advantage of me.

Worse thing she did, she gave me an ultimatum saying that since I got pregnant my priorities changed and on top of that list was my unborn child. (DUH!) Therefore, she told me, that my baby was getting in the way of my job, and I ought to step down from management or lose my job. She then told me it was district who wanted this to happen. Can we say bullsh*t?

I find out later that what she told district was entirely different from what she told me. All district knew was that it was a decision she and I came to agree upon that I would step down. No no no. It was because of my baby. Because I was pregnant I wasn't performing the way she wanted, working the 50-60 hour weeks like I did before. So she forced me to step down. CAN WE ALL SAY "CIVIL SUIT"??? Or how about "descrimination"?

So I left. And after leaving... 6 people left in the three weeks after I did. And even more people are planning on leaving. They are now down to what? 12 people? When they need 30. My ex-boss used to love saying that "Karma's a b*tch". I put that on my resignation letter. *^_^*

Second... My husband got a better job anyway. This job also has great health insurance, that the company pays for and started for him and his entire family day 1 of the job. Didn't cost him a cent. This job however, happens to be farther away. Go figure eh? Hence the move.

Soooooooo... we bought a house. And in 2 weeks... we will closing on said house. I'm excited about getting my very own house especially at the age of 22... but I'm not happy about that move. I mean it this time, I won't move for another 25 years... if that.

Now... we have to hire movers. My husband can't move all our stuff by himself and I can't do any lifting. Basically worthless I know. But hey... life is growing in my belly... I may not be able to lift more than 15 lbs but I'm doing something waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond that.

So 22 moves in my 22 years. I just have to say... I'm glad we're movng BEFORE the baby gets here. I'd hate to move while having to deal with bottles and diapers and wailing. And if in 2 years or even 5, my husband says, "Hey, there's a bigger house on sale..." I will tell him HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK NO!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pregnancy Update

Ok... so I haven't given a real update in a long time. I know, I know. Bad Carmel, bad bad Carmel.

I figure it's time to rememdy that and actually give a real update. Some people have been wondering about my baby and the pregnancy so here it is. :)

So counting down til the baby arrives. Just 7 more weeks and he'll be at full term (36 weeks) and can come at any time after that. I figure he'll be more stubborn and decide to stay the full 40 weeks rather than come earlier at 36 but as I told my doctor, if he's not out by week 39, I'll cut myself open if I have to, just so I can deliver him. I love my son, but he can't stay in my belly forever and honestly, it feels like forever now.

I mean, it's not like I'm not happy to be a future mom. I love it. I love it when the little guy moves and I feel the little kicks, punches and headbutts. However, when it happens constantly and in the middle of the night, it can get a tad bit frustrating.

For example, he woke me up once and it was 4 in the blasted morning. The buttcrack of dawn wasn't even peeking out yet. For some odd reason he was up and wide awake and taking his energy out on my insides. Well, I decided to play the touch game with him. I would touch a certain point on my belly and he would touch back. I'd move to another spot and he'd touch back there. On and on it went. And for an unborn child still growing in my belly, he certainly had a lot of energy because this touch game went on for almost an hour. ALMOST A FULL HOUR, until I finally called it quits and fell back a sleep from sheer exhaustion. At least he's already showing signs of playfulness and learning... seriously, he likes his little games like, "Press on Mommy's Bladder and See How Fast She Moves", "Put Foot in Mommy's Rib", or "Put Foot in Mommy's Lungs", or his current favorite "There's Not Much Room in Mommy's Belly, But I'm Sure I Can Still Do Some Flips". It's funny watching my belly when he moves. It's like watching an alien flick where a parasite plants itself in a human body and you see the parasite fight its way out while the person looks at their belly in horror. No, I'm not looking at my belly in horror nor is my child an alien species trying to fight its way out. It's just funny seeing this foot kick out and move across my belly.

Currently my average amount of sleep is roughly 4-6 hours a night. That does include interruptions due to random potty breaks and having my insides used as a veritable punching bag.

Anyway, he's grown. A lot. I mean a LOT. Doctor's thinking I will have to have a c-section because of how big it looks like he'll be. What can I say? My husband was born a month early and was 8 lbs 9 oz. His dad was a 10 lb baby and his brothers were 9 lbs a piece. It feels like I'm carrying a hippo. My cute little hippo.

This pregnancy has definitely been eventful though. First trimester I get the stomach flu twice (and that is horrible when you have the stomach flu AND morning sickness...) it really kicked my butt bigtime, a urinary tract infection aka UTI from not drinking enough water (lesson learned to all future pregnant women... drink up that water like rain in a desert), and major allergic reaction (which I've never had happen in my life) from the medicine I was taking for the UTI. Go first trimester! Total weight gained: 0 lbs.

Second trimester, I almost black out. And it's not the kind of black out where you just feint or pass out. No, this black out had a certain sequence of events: 1) my heart starts palpitating, 2) I'm finding it difficult to breathe, 3) my vision was going black and orange, and 4) my hearing was going away (I mean Jon was right next to me and shouting and it sounded like he was calling long distance). Thankfully he put me directly in line of the air conditioner, stopped by the 7-11 and got me something sweet to eat and drink. After sitting in the cool air, sipping a slurpee and eating a chocolate bar, my vision starts to clear and my hearing returns to normal as does my breathing and heart rate. Lesson learned? Don't do squats while you're pregnant and be sure to keep hydrated and don't let your blood sugar level drop too much.

What next? Same trimester, I make my first ever trip to the ER. I had this sharp stabbing pain in my side, which grew worse by the minute. Everyone at work told me it was my kidney. They were wrong, it was my galbladder. Bad, bad galbladder. Was in the ER for a good 4 hours. Not fun. Stabbing pain lasted for a good 2 1/2 days. Did I say bad galbladder yet?

Second trimester total weight gain? 21 lbs and it's ALL baby.

Right now, just waiting for this final trimester to be over and the baby to arrive. Both my father and my father in law keep asking when he's going to arrive even though I've told them over and over again when his due date was. It's not like asking me a million times when his due date is will make it come any faster. Trust me. I've tried that already. So once again... counting down and may God have mercy on me and make that time go by FAST. *^_^*